Anker Rear Racing Brake Disc Kit Conversion for McLaren 570S/650S

Application to
McLaren 12C
McLaren 570S
McLaren 650S

Due to the vigorous using or racing demand of many owners, the OE CCM discs consume quickly, we have designed an iron disc kit to meet the needs of most of the owners, which is sufficient to improve the demands.

This kit must be installed with a different specification brake pads which is very common in the market and of course Anker Brakes also offers various versions (Anker Part No. 862001 or 880005). In order to keeping the weight of the disc at a reasonable level, we made the friction surface smaller than OE CCM disc.

The mounting bell of the kit is made of 6061 T6 aerospace aluminum alloy, and the hard anode makes the strength even better. The disc, made of high carbon cast iron, is the same specification and material as a professional racing car. Because of the larger friction area of the brake disc, we have compared with the 30-48 straight lines or lines sold vanes, through CFD and stress analysis, we developed 72 curve vanes design, which has better heat dissipation and hardly distortion can effectively increase surface strength (especially for large brake-area discs). Also, the excellent design of a floating system of Anker Brakes can stabilize and maintain the brake disc in the best position under severe temperature changes in order to prevent overheating and distortion of the disc.

Once the Anker Brakes system is installed, simply replace the disc in the cast iron section as necessary.

When used with high-performance brake pads and brake fluid, you will have a truly amazing driving experience.