Anker Brakes 2022 All New Formula DX10/W


In this global epidemic, Anker Brakes decided to delay development of new products, and study the combination of friction ingredients. After numerous dyno tests, road tests and insisting on using copper free ingredients. The latest aftermarket brake pads, DX10/W, is coming up.

Copper is one of the key components of brake pad formula. It has the functions of lubrication, vibration control, noise reduction and heat dissipation. Some performance brake pads even contain more than 20% of the total quality of brake pad friction materials. Unfortunately, the friction of copper-containing brake pads into the environment through air or rain can cause serious environmental damage, especially water pollution caused by copper dust deposits, leading to a California-Washington joint bill and release 3-leaf mark to promote development of copper free formula.

Due to our CSR and ESG, Anker Brakes has been researching copper-free formulas for nearly five years. Alternative material to copper is always the main issue, for the beginning we used aluminum fiber to now we used multi-compound materials. So that we can provide the same or exceed level of performance with other traditional brake pads in the aftermarket.